Who choose to be

The Big Family xlo+

On this page – constantly updated – are collected images and selfies of many people, more or less known, who daily choose to be embracing the style Perlopiù.

Those approaching the world of Perlopiù discovers new emotions, a new way of fashion living and their own state of mind, combining style, positivity and distinctive personality.

Perlopiù isn’t just a simple fashion brand, it is a way of life, a way of thinking, a way of being …

With this page we want to thank every single person, VIP or not, that thanks us every day wearing a “piece of us” that with sympathy and love has chosen to bring into the world a special and unique style: The style Perlopiù.

Take a picture or a selfie and send it to us!

We think that anyone that have one of our creation is special because, besides being a positive person and above the classic fashion of the moment, was able to keep the profound significance that each of our product contains in itself…

…And that’s not for all! For this reason we believe that it should be rewarded and highlighted.

Take a selfie, or a creative photo – alone or with friends – and write to info@perlopiu.it attaching the image, you will be added to this page.

In this way you will become part of the great family Perlopiù!!
as they say, “Who chose to be”?

Gigi Buffon con il Mattoncino xlo+ xItalia
Alberto Gilardino con il Mattoncino xItalia
Rudi Zerbi con il suo Mattoncino xlo+ xBlack Fluo
La Velina Irene Cioni con il suo Mattoncino xItalia
MYbox in Canvas Nera
Laura con Mattoncino xChic Nero
Mia con la MYbox Eco Rossa
Giorgio Panariello con Mattoncino
Jessica Mura con T-Shirt Hug xlo+
Alessandra con Mattoncino
Enrica Guidi con MYbox Eco Nera
Sandro Cinacchi presso Bar Melabevo con Mattoncino xBlack Giallo Fluo
Mi con T-Shirt Hug e Borsa MYbox Ecopelle
Mauro Casciari con il Mattoncino xlo+
Cetti con mattoncino xChic Nero
Omar Pedrini con Mattoncino xlo+
Carletto con Mattoncini xlo+
Fabio Aru con Mattoncini xlo+
Nicola Posarelli da Port Grimaud con borsa MYbox Nera
Nicole Pizzato con Mattoncino xlo+
Alessia de Fraia da Napoli con Borsa MYbox
Camilla Carmignani dalla Thailandia con Borsa MYbox
Rosario Rannisi GF6 e vincitore della Fattoria con Mattoncino xlo+
Massimiliano Allegri con Mattoncino xlo+
Giorgio Panariello con Mattoncino xlo+
Irene Gala con Mattoncino xlo+
Carlo Carletto Nicoletti e Francesca Provetti con Mattoncino xlo+
Marilena Pelleriti ed il suo Mattoncino xlo+
Laura Torrisi con il Mattoncino xlo+
Cristina de Pin Moglie di Riccardo Montolivo (Capitano del Milan) con i suoi Mattoncini xlo+
Pierluigi Pardo con il suo Mattoncino xPlastik Arancione
Andrea Agresti con il Mattoncino xlo+
Vanessa con il suo Mattoncino xlo+ xChic Nero
Giulio Golia, inviato de
Mattoncino xlo+ xWhite Fucsia
Mattoncini xlo+ xItalia

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