Telling about xlo+ perlopiù: from a designer object, to a great story


Nothing is more true, I am designed to give the name to a shelf. x and + in fact, represent the two ways it can be fixed to the wall an x and a +. Approaching one item to another one upwards, downwards to sx or to dx, it would be formed a unique item, hypothetically endless. After a period of time and useless attempts to make me produce, I finish in a drawer.  4 years later they choose me to be a name from a representative agency, an alternate name, a clean design, simple and short. It fit very good to the sector in which my owners operate. Now the world was open, we received a lot of compliments and unexpected smiles.

We became 1000 and 1000 of congratulations for my inimitably, every time when my visit card ended in some hand. Everyone had fun to give me a differently identification, sometimes I was an item of clothing, a jeans, a t-shirt, an airline, a franchising and more. In reality I was only a set of symbols, xlo+, and to read it better they give me the name perlopiù but, apparently,  in me was hiding something else…

A year later I was examined by a friend, able to see through me and discover in fact I was representing a world where men and women are united by a sense of belonging, by the desire to be themselves, in a sea of positivity. He explained that the “l” and the “o”, positioned in the center are in reality the symbols of the two energies. That of the man, l, rod and that of the woman, the circle, as the sx and the dx, the “x” and the “+”, represent the maximum expression of positivity. Things that in reality, all human beings to have inside since earliest times. That’s why, at the moment they stare their eyes on me,  I result familiar, as if I had always known, to let out a natural and true smile.

At the moment that my owners know that, they took care of me and decides to register me in the world, because they wanted that my whole story arrived to everyone in every remote corners. Starting to think about what we can invent to build this fantastic world, the world of xlo+ perlopiù! So I was introduced to other friends, that who have started to get to know me on the social networks   Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. They become my home and I began to interact with new friends who click  “Like” on my pictures and emotional stories. Now there was only missing the first idea of product that shows me on top.

It was an idea on a summer evening, in front of a good dinner and a glass of wine. the two friends and partners, , had to  “build” a world, they had to put together millions of bricks from here the Brick, perfect, let’s go!

Here I was just engraved in a hypoallergenic brick of aluminum and inserted in a bag with a meter of elastic thread, with three screws and one Allen.

By assembling, it can become a bracelet, a necklace, a pendant and a keychain, carrying around my story, my philosophy and myself. Which is the positivity that you recognize in me! che poi è anche quello di chi si riconosce in me, positivo! Unfortunately the way is always uphill, many are limited, they don’t look over, so they can only recognize it as a “bracelet”  if they intercept it on the wrist of the people, as “necklace”, when worn around the neck “keychain”, if it will enclosed to these.

In reality “the Brick”, is able to communicate and to let communicate who wears it, man or woman  they choose to be themselves. Well, I look ahead and don’t give up

In a video they are telling about me very good, where my story and my philosophy, xlo +, flow into a series of images, in simple and clear words. Recently I was engraved on a Bag,  that is shoulder bag and also a backpack,t oo. The “MyBox” and I have to say that I feel comfortable. I am also  a patch that you can applied on a t-shirt, called “Hug” the story about the embrace transmits wonderful emotions to me, so I decided to live with her.

Many projects are coming out with my name  xlo + and my new owners told me that this happens when you are becoming a brand.

I am proud to have the characteristics to be a brand, even though, in reality, I don’t know if I can do it. It excite me the idea that I will meet new people and new worlds. This is a great privilege for me because I would simply like to learn something from everyone I meet, telling my story to give a little emotion and make smile.

Look at me, listen to me, wear me, tell about me, let you go and be yourself.

xlo+ perlopiù.

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