Summer Bag 2016: Discover your bag MYbox for the summer 2016


Summer Bag 2016” is one of the most searched terms on the web in this particular time of year. With the coming of summer a desire to renew our style, is very strong. Above all to buy the right items, that is able to enrich of summer outfit, certainly becomes decisive.

Among the many essential accessories are definitely the bags, now a must have for woman and man, impossible without. Thanks their dual functionality, get things with us, that we can’t give up and at the same time it completing our look, makes the bag an indispensable accessory, especially in this time of year, when the trend is to stay away from home for long time because of the hectic pace of summer life.

For that it is essential to find the right bag, able to combine style and practicality without compromise, allowing us to live live the experience of the summer in harmony, with our being and in line with the most fashionable trends of the moment. For this need, we from xlo +, we have designed and created the perfect bag for the summer 2016 both for her and for him: MYBox!

Summer Bag MYbox Canvas

Call it bag is very reducing because MYBox isn’t a simply  “receptacle” for our fashionable items, but is a way of being, a way of life, an idea that embraces the aesthetics closed with our condition of spirit. MYbox reflects the philosophy of xlo+: do fashion through an optimistic approach, transforming dreams into ideas, able to interpret the  “life style” through a multiplier of absolute positivity.

The summer bag of the year 2016 MYbox is a high quality product. Made entirely  in Italy in 100% cotton, available in 7 different colors. Each color is an expression of a different way of life:

  • Black for those who have the soul  Rock
  • Mud for those who love the life Adventure
  • Green the color of Nature
  • Mustard expression of who is Sunny
  • Orange the joyful color of those who feel Hippy
  • Denim for those facing all with Relax
  • Sand the shades of those who live Freedom

MYbox, is like our condition of spirit, it is able to change quickly,  suited to the need of the day: with few movements it can be a bag, a shoulder bag or it transformed magically into a backpack. The magnetic double-closing inside, offer you more security. The lasered xlo+ logo,  placed on the sides, complete the object with style giving a strong appeal, but without being intrusive.

With MYBox you will be sure to wear a “most wanted” bag from the summer 2016, a strong aesthetic impact, able to add value to the own look. At the same time extending the way of being outside of the person. It isn’t just a fashion accessory but something more, a way of communicating a way of life, supported by a new and exciting philosophy: The philosopy xlo+!

If it is a business lunch, a dinner with friends or just a day at the beach MYbox is the perfect accessory to live with style personality in every occasion. If you are also an enterprising person cheerful, dynamic and positive MYbox is the right bag for the summer 2016 – and not only – that you would not have!

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