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Bracelet Mattoncino xColor Bluette

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Bracelet Brick xlo+ collection xColor. Hypoallergenic frame in aluminum, completely handmade, with 100% cotton stretch wire in Bluette.

Production and the processing:

Every  Brick xlo+ is entirely made in Italy thanks to the experts artisans of Tuscany.
The process of the artisan production is complex and articulated: the cut, the incision of the logo, the threading, the finish, the vibrate-polishing, the cleaning and finally the enameling processes are delicate but essential, which involve manual skills and competence. Factors that define the perfect success of aesthetic and quality of the object, as required Made in Italy.

A strict and careful quality control, which is essential to offer a perfect product in all its part. Every little imperfection and possible differences are not considered defects but advantages, that guarantee a true artisan process.


The Brick xlo+ has several applications. “It can be used as a bracelet, a necklace or can be an anklet, the only limit is your creativity.

In the product box are:

• The Brick
• One meter of cotton stretch wire
• The screws for the assembly
• The Allen for the maintenance

Made in Italy


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