Vendita abbigliamento alla moda

Trendy Bracelets for men and women - Mattoncini Perlopiù

Trendy Bracelets? Not only!  Braccialetti Made in Italy

Our Mattoncini beyond, ranging between trend and elegance, they are a real wrist jewel – for him and for her – able to exalt yourself. This high level of customization, thanks to the wide range of mood and the possibility to change the color thread, at all times with the appropriate kit, makes the difference embracing your style and your personality.

Never boring and never the same thing: to bracelet it can also be a necklace, anklet or a keychain in few seconds, the limit is only your desire of trying, discover and change.

The Mattoncino xlo+ represents a new way of living and interpreting the concept of the classic bracelets, a dynamic object able to “put the fashion on the wrist” as well as offering positivity and distinction without compromise. Do you want to amaze and make the difference? Buy a Mattoncino, and choose to be!