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It’s been 10 month’s since Alessandro Bastagli, in picture during the latest edition of Pitti, decided to invest on the brand xlo+ perlopiù.

“The 4 symbols (xlo+) perlopiù, they entered immediately in me, transmitting great positivity and enthusiasm ,to begin a new challenge “, the first words after the entering of the social capital through the financial Finalba. Trough AModa SPA, they hade already interest in brands like Everlast, dimensione danza, Virtus Palestre and more

The Brick, bracelet, necklace keychains and more, the first product of the young brand, enclose in itself all that xlo+ like to express: the construction of a world, where everything and everybody can be themselves, from here #choosetobe, hashtag, that compare in all the community of perlopiù. The keyword is positivity, well as color, fashion and design, which are the essential things to bring to the world any type of accessory, clothing item or many others.

The MYbox was the natural continuation of the concept and philosophy xlo+.

It’s not a bag, it’s not a shoulder bag, and not a back bag, it’s simply a box, “my box” with all three previous characteristics that, through the management of the length of the shoulder strap and simple movements, it can be a bag, shoulder bag and a back bag. It’s MYbox.

No, it isn’t a puzzle, it’s xlo+!

In the next days, in the frame of Forte dei Marmi, it will be presented “Hug”, embrace, the first T-shirt able to transmit strong emotion and able to tell it trough the colored Patch, they can be applied in defined and specific positions.

Another interesting story to tell and communicate through a product.

But there’s more…  more will be ready at the starting line, expect in the coming months to share new ideas from team perlopiù!

It’s a new world, your world xlo+ perlopiù!


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